3 Good Reasons For Selling Your Creations

Some people have been asking me why I have been purging my original artwork on eBay for ridiculously low starting bids. Well, I thought I would write about three good reasons why, just as I list another lovely piece of original art from my collection. World, meet “Bean.”

bean by Bonnie Kelso

Reason #1: Letting Go

I created this painting in 2008, so it’s been in my possession for nine years now. A lot has happened in nine years, and frankly, I’m ready to move forward. So, part of my purging has to do with my own spiritual evolution. Things have a way of creating feelings of nostalgia. I can remember painting this piece. I worked on it in a shared studio space downtown. I have great memories from that time, as well as memories that were a little less great. So, there’s that reason. It feels good to detach. It feels good to let go. Letting go is not just about letting go of the bad stuff. Letting go never ends. It’s simply growth. It’s what propels me into the future.

Reason #2: Connecting

Money is a useful tool, but money can stop people. It can stop you from doing what you want. It can stop you from going where you want to go. It can stop you from having what you want. It can be limiting and prohibitive… if you let it. I am pricing my artwork low, so I can get it into the hands of the people who most need it. I am not famous and my work is not in high demand… yet. This is the time to get my work into the hands of the people who love me for who I am right now. The people who are buying my work now, are my life-long support group. When a piece of my soul lands in your home, we become connected… for life. So, right now, I’m sending out my gratitude to you, my collectors, thank you for supporting me and my work. Let me just say… you people rock!

Reason #3: It’s the Process, Not the Product

If anyone has taken one of my Creativity Courses or Workshops, when it comes to creating you know that I’m a preacher of process over product. I’m not kidding. I am always creating. Some pieces, like Bean, I have become attached to over the years. These are the ones I kind of have to nudge myself to let go of (in the service of connection) because I must walk my talk. Besides, when I free up space, I create new space for new creating. Shipping off this small 10×10 canvas may not seem like a big deal, but it is. When I sell a piece of artwork, it feels just like my logo. A little piece of my heart spreading its wings and taking flight. If that sounds kind of sad, well it’s not meant to be. It’s actually freeing. I’ve got a lot more where that came from. Just shaking the butterflies out of the closet.

So, if you are interesting in placing a bid, hop on over to this page here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/272657723792

If you can relate, or if you find yourself nodding (in agreement or disagreement) please leave a comment.

Your Creativity Coach,



One thought on “3 Good Reasons For Selling Your Creations

  1. Having recently moved into a much smaller place I completely get this blog. There was sadness and joy in purging so many of our belongings. The joy came when family and friends were so happy to get so many of our items. We can always visit them but have found that we miss them less each day. Our new place is cozy and has only the best of our collections. It is feeling more comfortable every day.


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