The Empress


I love relearning art history through working with these art postcards that I collected back in my twenties from the various museums I visited. This collage features a painting of Silvana Cenni painted in 1922 by Felice Casorati. He was an Italian artist who was part of the Metaphysical Art Movement. This was a precursor to the more widely known Surrealism Movement.

“Since my art is born, so to speak, from within, and never has its source in changing ‘impressions,’ it is quite natural that… static forms, and not fluid images of passion, should be reflected in my works.” – Felice Casorati

I chose to emphasize the metaphysical nature and turn Silvana into the Empress from the Tarot. Behind her shines the modern Emerald City. She is the archetype of nurturing abundance. Nature harmonizing with urban sprawl. Something drew me to this painting a long time ago and today she’s taking on a new life for me.

Wishing you great abundance in all its many forms.



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