This collage was inspired by an interview I was watching of Joseph Campbell on Netflix, specifically “The First Storytellers.” As a children’s book writer I often look to Joseph Campbell for guidance. It’s part of my mission to create stories that speak of and from the soul within. The interview is really fascinating as they discuss different cultures and how myth is kept alive through reverent ritualistic practices. There was talk about the role of the shaman being a conduit of spirit through a personal psychological experience. He says that artists are the shamans of the contemporary world. Artists keep the myth and mystery alive in our culture.

I thank you, artists of all forms, for expressing the mystery of the creator that resides within us all.



Bonnie Kelso writes and illustrates children’s books that celebrate diversity, creativity, and all the special qualities that make each of us unique. Her book EVER OPEN is now available on Amazon in print and for kindle.



Deep in the heart of the Everglades, 26 tiny eggs are beginning to hatch in a giant nest under a tall cypress tree. The fourth alligator to see the light of day is about to embark on a classic hero’s journey. Join Baby D as he explores his world through the innocence and wonder of a natural dreamer. Discover what makes him special while pondering what it might be that makes you special, too.

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