Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 5: The Full Moon)

MoonHere we are at the Full Moon! Not only a Full Moon, but one sporting a Lunar Eclipse! Much like the Solar Eclipse New Moon a few weeks ago, this Full Moon we will be given an extra special energetic boost due to the Lunar Eclipse. Emotions may run high so be prepared… for anything to happen! If you experience some powerful emotions your best course will be to avoid resistance, which we all know is futile anyway. Stay calm and receive what you are given with the spirit of gratitude and all will turn out just fine. Don’t forget that the Universe has always got your back.

Some people will swear up and down that the Full Moon brings out the crazy in people. I will argue that the crazy is always out there, energetically, it’s just that during the Full Moon you become more aware of it.

Think of it like this… You’re in your car and your driving along the open highway. I’m having a great déjà vu right now of Route 66 headed east through Arizona! You’ve got your favorite mix CD blaring as loud as you can stand it. You’re clipping along at least 55mph. You are overcome by the beautiful sunshine and you crack the driver’s side window to let in some fresh air (Crescent). There’s a whoosh sound as the air starts to make it’s way into your car. Then you open it a little more (First Quarter). Now you can really start to hear the sound of the air as it is forced inside your car. You need to turn up the volume a little on your car stereo. It really is a gorgeous day… you open the window a little more, it’s almost all the way down now (Gibbous). The air is pounding through your car now as any loose papers are starting to take flight. Oh man! It’s your favorite song! The window goes all the way down now (Full Moon) and you are singing at the top of your lungs and you can’t even hear yourself sing because you’ve inched up the volume again and the air is now rushing all over your face, shaking your hair, blowing into your mouth as you sing, and you can feel your own velocity! Oh yeah!

The air was always there, moving around your car, you just weren’t aware of it until you started rolling down your window. Now that you are at FULL open window status, there’s no ignoring it. It’s in your face, all around you, and it’s shaking up your world! …in a good way.

Now before you start singing and howling, take a few minutes to reflect on what has happened over the past few weeks. Here are the themes you explored through the moon phases so far…

New Moon – Reset
At the New Moon you set an intention. You used the power of the Solar Eclipse to heighten the renewal aspects of your creating power. You invited a big ol’ reset to occur.

Crescent – Allow
At the Crescent Moon you got in touch with what you really wanted. You agreed to stay in the flow of positivity and say “yes,” even when we would normally say “no.” You allowed yourself to enter into the flow of possibilities.

First Quarter – Act
At the First Quarter Moon you took action. You reviewed potential possibilities and acted on the one that stretched you the most.

Waxing Gibbous – Grow
At the Waxing Gibbous Moon you worked on how your actions affected you and recognized your growth as it was occurring.

Now you have arrived at the Full Moon. The Full Moon is all about the reveal. When something is fully illuminated, you get to see all aspects of it. Something is being revealed to you right now. Do you already know what it is? Can you see it? This is the moment when you say, “Ah-ha!” out loud. It’s the classic moment when the scientist inside you shouts, “Eureka!” If you haven’t seen it yet, or you feel it is close and you just need to clear away the smoke, here is a simple Creating Exercise to help you get there.

Creating Exercise – The Full Moon

Tonight I want you to make a date with yourself. Spend a few minutes alone, to just have a conversation with yourself… out loud. Don’t you ever talk to yourself? You know, you find yourself in an empty aisle at the grocery store and suddenly your just rambling out loud to yourself. The only reason you know you’ve done it is because someone else turned into the aisle and you suddenly realized you were doing it and suddenly became self-conscious and stopped. Yeah, do that! But don’t stop until you’ve revealed what you need to discover.

Sit comfortably, preferably under the light of the full moon and just start talking. You can think of it like you are that person sent up to the top of the building to talk to the person who is contemplating jumping. The jumper is your ego mind and the person sent up to help is your conscious mind. It’s your conscious mind’s job to talk your ego out of it, but what you are actually doing is talking yourself through it. You’re telling them how much they have to live for, and how much people will miss them, and how much pain they will cause others, and all the millions of reasons why they shouldn’t do what they came up there to do. Your presenting them with a perspective that they may not have considered, you’re reminding them how incredibly awesome life can be and why they want to continue to be a part of it all.

So sit there and have that talk with yourself. Talk about what’s been going on these past few weeks. When you say it out loud to yourself it’s going to sound different, I promise. Your going to start noticing some things that you originally thought were huge are really not such a big deal and other small things that you may have overlooked, well they might start feeling like they are part of that big reveal I’ve been talking about.

The big reveal, what is it? It’s a message from your inner wisdom to your physical self. It’s the big idea, the theme, the creative insight, the solution, the next course of action, or the promise of manifestation. Stay open as you uncover it, because it might not be what you expected it to be. The reveal has the power to bend time, to heal the open wound, to change the course of your life, to open your heart to that vitalization it so desires. Honor it with an honest heart to heart talk. Talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly… or talk about the bad, the good, and the extraordinary. Let it all hang out. It’s just you and your inner-wisdom, and no one is judging here. When you’ve got your reveal, put it into a sentence, a phrase, or a word. Whatever it is that will trigger for you what is really going on.

Write it on a small scrap of paper. If it’s something negative that you want to let go of, burn it. If it is something that you want to nurture and encourage, plant it in the earth. If you are unsure, put it under your pillow and sleep on it. There is Full Moon magic in the air tonight, so get it working for you.

JustKeepWriting.JPGI didn’t even see at first what my son had already written on this scrap of paper, but it definitely resonates with my reveal! He is so much wiser than me and he is only five years old. It was a long conversation with myself under the light of the moon, but the gist of my reveal was to keep sending out the message my soul has been contracted to send out. Because “a job is a job,” no matter how small, and there’s always more work to be done!

Sending lots of love and gratitude to you, dear reader, for listening and playing along with me. I’ll be sleeping on this one tonight, and most likely will plant it in the morning. Check back on 26th when we talk about the Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon and all the magic it holds for you and your creative life.

Have fun chatting yourself up! Wishing right now I could be that fly on the wall…

Your Creativity Coach,


P.S. Okay, you can howl a little too, but only if it makes you feel good!

Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

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  1. Love this next chapter in this moon journey! The exercises and questions have been very helpful for directing my thoughts to the productive places of my heart. Might be hard to slow down and listen right now, though, since I really want to get in my car and drive through the desert at top speed with the windows down! Looking forward to what is going to be revealed.

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