Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 2: The Crescent Moon)


How did it go? How was your Solar Eclipse/New Moon Reset Party? Did you come up with a good juicy intention? What are you going to create in your life?

There’s always a lot of energy swirling around during the New Moon. Sometimes it’s best to just surrender to it and go with the flow of it and just see what comes out of it all. About a dozen years ago, I went to a New Moon Party in Koh Samui, Thailand. It was a big outdoor rave in the jungle. It was super dark, but all the makeshift huts were painted with glow-in-the-dark neon colors. The whole place was lit up with black lights. The music was naturally quite loud, and I was surprisingly sober. But I could feel the collective energy there and it was intense! It was a really good time, like I could see the love energy pulsing inside of everyone there. I remember dancing… a lot! I remember connecting with strangers… many hugs and holding hands and giggles and butterfly kissing one boy for perhaps fifteen minutes or so…

When my group of travel companions were ready to go, it was up to me to collect the one lost dove. When I found her she had completely surrendered to space and time and had no idea we were all about to leave. Even though she was having a good time, she was very grateful that I had come back to get her and that I didn’t let the group leave without her. It wasn’t until the next night, when the crescent moon was beginning to emerge, that the effects of the experience began to emerge for me. I came to the realization that I could enjoy myself (perhaps even more) completely and utterly sober. I had enjoyed the clarity of the experience and its memory. I also realized that my sobriety didn’t alienate me from others at all like I had feared it might. I realized that it was my clarity of mind that rescued the young dove from a possible frightening experience for her. I was beginning to realize that true flow starts from within and how to be comfortable with who I really am… and… I am a nurturing, butterfly-kissing, creator of my experience!

When I surrender to creative flow and the flow of love, I always seem to get what I want, as long as I want it badly enough. And this is the real deal, when it comes to manifesting your creations… You have to know what you want and want it so badly that it drives you to tears! Give it a try… think about that thing you want to create in your life. What was the intention that you set over this past New Moon? It really comes down to what you want.

So…. What do you want? What do you really want? I know when I really want something, because it’s not just about what I want for myself. It’s about what I want for my family, for the people I am surrounded by, for the overall energetic health of the world at large. It’s the impact of wanting something that badly that puts the entire Universe into motion for you. When you take time to feel the emotions attached to what you want, you can feel it deeply stirring energetically inside of you. There have been times when I didn’t know what I wanted. I mean I could think, “well, it would be nice if…” but it wasn’t like I really wanted it all that bad. I didn’t want it enough, and the powers of the Universe could sense this. The Universe can tell the difference between real tears of desire and those crocodile tears of what you think you should want. When I don’t know what I want, I want to know what I want! That’s exactly what I ask for. And yes, that desire of “I want to know what I want” has brought me to tears many times. I have been guilty of being consumed by complacency. I know what it’s like to feel like I’m not living to my full potential and that I don’t even know what that looks like, but what I do know is that I’m ready to make a change. Being ready for that positive transformation is the first part of getting what you want.

Here’s something to help you out over the next few days to get that positive flow moving into your life. As we move through the Crescent Moon Phase I want you to put one of the Conscious Creating Principals into action. I want you to start saying “yes!” Dean and I have been taking dance lessons. There is one dance instructor who gives out instructions verbally instead of through demonstration, I guess it’s just his teaching style. But when he tells you to do something he follows the command with the phrase “if you understand, say ‘yes!’” It’s funny because even if I don’t understand, I find myself saying ‘yes,’ because he is basically commanding me to do so. So the whole class starts to sound like a bunch of dancing robots… all saying ‘yes’ as we awkwardly shuffle about. Now the point of telling you this story is not to turn you into a dancing robot, but I would like you to try to resist your usual modus operandi to say “no.” When you feel yourself about to say “no,” somehow figure out how to make it into a “yes.” It may feel awkward at first, so is learning to dance, but it’s basically the part you have to suffer through in order to become a manifesting Baryshnikov.

I’ll give you an example of how it works. So, this morning I went for a run. I sometimes like to run as I compile the material for these blog posts. I always receive inspiration as I am heavily inspiring (as in drawing large quantities of air into my lungs). Today was no different; I was onto a really good flow of thought when something caught my eye. I had just leaped over a small syringe lying on the sidewalk!

Generally, when I’m out in a park or about the neighborhood, I am painfully aware of any trash I see. It has always been my small mission in life. When I see trash I feel a burning need to pick it up and place it in a garbage can. I’ve felt this way ever since I saw that commercial with the crying Native American man… you know it, right? Or maybe you’re too young, but here’s the commercial.

This man, who was a Hollywood actor known as Iron Eyes Cody, has the same face of my personal Spirit Guide of trash collection. He is my Super-Hero Guide who combats the effects of human laziness and rudeness. It’s been a lifetime obsession really. After a windy storm I will even take my kids out with me, plastic bags in hand, and we will clean up local areas. It’s also provided a great way to teach my kids discernment. Trash has such infinite variety, some of which is harmless, and some of which borders on dangerous. Some needs to be approached with caution and this is a valuable learned skill I feel obligated to pass on to my kids.

So, when I’m out on a run, I sometimes have to silence my anti-litter Spirit Guide, or else I would be stopping all the time and would never get in a real run. Sad, but true. But when I saw the syringe it was like bells ringing in my head! Maybe thirty feet later I saw a trash can, so I stopped saying “no” and made an exception… I said, “yes” and turned around and picked up the syringe. Whatever venom it held, I’ll never know, but nor will an unsuspecting child, pet, or recovering addict. Too many potential future scenarios out there, so I had to say “yes” to my Spirit Guide. In my current moment it was not convenient to stop, but I had to because it was only me who was around at the moment, and because I had been chosen to see this hazard at this time, and because of how the Universe knew I would have to obey. There was only “yes.” Do you understand? Say, “yes.” So give it a try over the next few days. Say “yes,” especially when you are wanting to say “no.” Tackle the laziness, conquer the rudeness, abolish complacency! Say “yes” and allow yourself inside the middle of that flowing river of creativity!

Creating Exercise – The Crescent Moon

The crescent is the shape that emerges as two circles begin to separate. It’s the first part of the moon’s surface that begins to reflect the sun’s light again as one circle (the moon) moves out of the second circle (the shadow of the earth).

You can think of this geometric shape as a metaphor for what is whole and infinite potential making the shift into becoming reality through your creative force. The crescent represents the first forward movement towards manifesting your creations.

For your Creating Exercise I want you to draw some circles. Find a jar top or anything circular that you can use as a template. Trace a circle. Now shift the template slightly and draw another circle. See how small you can make your crescent. Try a few of them. What proportions feel the best? Choose your favorite and stare at the crescent shape that you have created. As you do so, consider these questions:

What do I really want?

How badly do I want this?

What emotions come up as I experience this sensation of desire?

Has something begun to shift internally over the past few days or even in the past few moments?

Can I feel the first forward movement in manifesting what I want?

Am I open to receiving guidance as it appears?

Are my eyes allowed to see the possibilities everywhere?

Am I committed to saying “yes” for the next few days? (Say “yes!”)


Okay, now you have it!

Check back again on the 15th for Part 3: The First Quarter Moon. Sign up to receive an email notification over in the right margin so you don’t miss out on the process. As always, please share your experiences with me in the comments below. I’d love to know what you’re going through. I’m here to help however I can.

In the meantime, get out there and start saying “yes” to your life!

Your Creativity Coach,


P.S. Oh, and don’t forget to look up tonight and have a talk with that beautiful Crescent Moon!

Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

4 thoughts on “Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 2: The Crescent Moon)

  1. A very positive and interesting article in helping us move forward into the ‘yes’s’ that will introduce those exciting changes our lives and the world around us. And the dancing is a lot more fun when the ‘yes’ comes from yourself and partner rather than the instructor!

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  2. I have always followed the cycles of the moon, especially when planning travel. I try to be with the full moon and the great weather that accompanies it. Now I know why!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! It’s great to be on vacation somewhere when there’s a full moon. You are in a better, more relaxed state of mind to receive all of it’s powerful messages. Plus, nothing beats a beautiful scene lit up by the light of the moon… Ahhhhhhh…magic!


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